Benefits of Having A JNC Jump Starter Over a Car Battery Charger

Car batteries are a vital part of the engine and are needed for a vehicle to work. However, these batteries tend to die out and can sometimes do so at unexpected times. Getting a jump starter or a car battery charger is the best option to prevent being stranded with no battery charge.

Both of them perform similar functions with a bit of variation. Many important facts about the Jump-N-Carry (JNC) jump starter will help you know more and understand how it works. Unlike the car battery charger, it has many elements and features that improve its functionality.

Car Battery Charger Elements and Functions

As the name suggests, a car battery charger is used to charge the car battery once its power dies out essentially. It needs a power socket to convert the electricity to volts and supply it to the car battery. The electric power should be an accurate 12V in direct current. It performs functions like a normal charger and fills up energy until it is full.

Pros of Using a Car Battery Charger

1. They have Unlimited Power

Since they use the electric charge from another main source, their electric charge never runs out. The chargers have an automatic switch-off feature which ensures that the power supply to the battery is cut off once it is full.

2. Do Not Require Charging

This is an advantage since you can forget to charge your equipment sometimes. You can use it anywhere as long as there is a power source.

Cons of a Car Battery Charger

1. They Are Not Portable

The chargers require conversion of current from AC to DC. For this to happen, the charger should be of a certain size which can be impossible sometimes. Jump starters provide higher mobility than car battery chargers.

2. Require a Source of Power

Sometimes you can be stranded in a deserted area; hence the charger cannot help in this case.

3. Take a Lot of Time

Fully charging your battery may take a long time when using a car charger. It can be a disadvantage if you’re in a hurry.

What is a Jump Starter

A jump starter performs the same function as the car battery charger. Unlike the latter, however, it does not have unlimited power since it does not require you to connect to a source of energy. It has a much higher electric voltage than the car charger and can fill the battery much faster. The battery can fill up within seconds of using a jump starter.

Jump starters can be used for various other things and with other electronic devices apart from charging car batteries. Their flexibility gives them a higher advantage than chargers.

Advantages of Using a Jump Starter

  1. They can be used anywhere since they do not require a power source. A jump starter is recharged, storing its power in the battery unit.
  2. They are portable since they come in various sizes; hence you can carry them anywhere.
  3. Jump starters are multifunctional and can be used to charge other electronic devices.
  4. Their high output power enables the charging of a car in seconds.


The only disadvantage is it is limited in power and hence cannot fully charge a battery instantly.


A jump starter has much more functionality and convenience than a car battery charger. Although they perform the same function, jump starters are much more effective and serve better. Investing in a jump starter is much better since you can use it for other electronic purposes